• Length 9' 0"
  • Width  -  22 13/16"
  • Nose  -  17 11/16"
  • Tail  -  1 1/6"
  • Thickness  -  3 1/16"
  • Nose Rocker  4 1/2"
  • Tail Rocker - 3"
  • Fin - single or Thruster
  • Glassing - 4 oz, E glass
  • Suggested resin - epoxy
  • Glass schedule - 2 deck, 1 bottom
  • Bottom profile - flat
  • Construction - Fishbone frame
  • Vent - Brass or plastic
This board is a noseriding animal!   We looked at what some of the best nose riders on the
planet are riding and we put those factors into a board you can build for yourself.  This board
was patterned after the board that carries the name of one of the greats.  We can't say his
name out of respect but suffice it to say he would feel right at home riding this board.  We're
just calling it the "9'0" Longboard"

This board has tucked under 60/40 rails that get a little harder at the tail.  The result is a ride
like the classic boards but with great turning capabilities. As you can see, much of the boards
volume is near the nose giving it great nose riding capabilities.  You can install anywhere from
one to five fins that are either boxed or glassed on (we like the feel of a single swooped fin).  
Deck and nose blocks can be added but we like the clean look with maybe just one center

As with all our plans, the templates are full size for the ribs and spar and the full instructions
show every stem of the build. We pride ourselves on our customer service so we are always
here to answer questions or give advice.
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