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This is an eBook. The spar templates are also sent as pdf files via email.
You simply print the templates on a standard printer and paste them
together.  Templates require between 6 and 11 sheets of paper depending
on the size.
Price for this Ebook is just $14.99 ! And that includes all the Full-size
Etemplates for the center spar. Measurements are given for the ribs and
you don't need templates for them because they are rectangles.
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Plans for proven surfboard designs with complete
details on how to modify them to suit your own
preferences.  Make your board longer, shorter, wider,
thinner, pintail, squash tail, fish, gun, whatever!  There is
even a section on how to duplicate an existing surfboard.
We also loaded it up with details on things like how to
glass your board, how to install a fin and box, how to
make and install a vent and a whole section on selecting
the best wood, where to get it, and how to prepare it.

This book has been evolving for the last 10 years
and Version 11 is the best one yet!
Actual Pages from the book:
Both volumes and all the spar templates are sent as pdf files. No special printer is required  
Use these plans to build a flat-top
Long Board, Short Board, Fun Board,
Fish, Alaia, and the original Tom Blake
drawings you can use to make a replica
of his classic 1932 "Water Sled"
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  • Glassing and Fin Kits
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