All these boards
were built using
this book as a
guide! All pictures
used with
permission of the
"The best advice I can give you is
to get in touch with Jack Young
(I have cc'd him in on this email).
He has produced a really
excellent book on making a
hollow wood surfboard and I
would seriously recommend that
you buy it if you're going to
proceed with your project. At
$29.99 it is worth every penny - it
has step by step instructions and
he'll email it to you so you get it
straight away."  Patrick Burnett

Thanks Patrick!  Best thing yet is
the price has come down - way
down!  Plus there are new styles of
boards and better plans,,,,,,jack
Alex Macleod in North
Vancouver Canada has
built every board in the
in the "How to Build a
Hollow Wooden
Surfboard" book.  He
used the information in
the book to modify the
plans to suit his own  
tastes.  The result was a
bunch of beautiful
surfboards and SUPs
built exactly the way he
wanted them.
Tony Crimmins used the info in the book to make a copy of his favorite fish!
Tony Crimmins wanted a wood version of his
favorite fish and out book "How to Build a Hollow
Wooden Surfboard" showed him how to copy the
board without hurting the original.  You can see
how it turned out above on the left.  Here are
some of the building shots he sent.

You can build solid laid-up rails or the hollow
wood strip rails but the book shows how to do
both. Tony used plywood decking to speed up the
build. In fact, the way this board is constructed
allowed him to use plywood on both the deck and
bottom.  Now Tony's got two fish to ride.  The
foam original still rides great but so does the wood
version and we think its way cooler!
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